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We cater your trip to you, offering more terrain and trips options than any other off-piste trip in the world.

Chances are you first discovered the sheer joy of arcing turns or a powder day at a local ski hill in your backyard. Well, our backyard's a little bigger, a lot steeper and more than a little breathtaking. It includes long, rolling, deep powder runs, tree skiing through old-growth forests, curtains, spines, couloirs, high alpine summit ramps and awe-inspiring views of Kashmir valley.

Deep in the Himalayas, we offer skiing and snowboarding adventures that redefine the limits of things like altitude and speed. The mountain can be accessed by Gondola ski lift, 2nd highest ski lift in world 3980 Meters from sea level, gives you access to limitless untracked powder acres of Mt. Apharwat. Our terrain is massive, from the top summit you can ski over 1300m of vertical back to Kangdoori or you can ski way down to the valley of Drang village. This is a run of more than 8 miles and one of the longest off-piste runs in the World.  This is what your GoPro was made for.

Our team of seasoned, tested and trusted guides delivers you, amazing lines untouched by people. We service steeps from the Shark fin to the Sunshine peak to deliver you into the arms of Mother Nature for a safe and rewarding experience.

Gulmarg Powder Guides caters to strong intermediate, advanced, expert and professional skiers and riders who want three things: diverse terrain, clean lines and adventure on a grand scale. If it's your first off-piste trip, we recommend a few runs on a first phase of Gondola before progressing into steeper terrain and the unlimited possibilities that winter in Gulmarg offers.

We pay close attention to the weather and snow conditions as our first priority is your safety. We tailor your trip to your skill level and work with you even before you arrive to come up with a suitable terrain plan. Once we're confident you're ready for the big guys, we'll progress into more challenging territory that is right for you.
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